Letter to Kit Malthouse MP

Ruth Cadbury MP
House of Commons

Dear Kit Malthouse,

I am writing on behalf of a number of constituents and local councillors who have
contacted me regarding the theft of catalytic converters.

I’ve been extremely concerned to hear that a large number of vehicles locally
continue to be targeted, including in some locations such as car parks covered by
CCTV. I have raised this issue both with local council officials and with senior police
officers who oversee policing in Hounslow.

As you know the theft of catalytic converters has spiked in recent years with an
11,000 increase in the number of thefts in 2019 compared to the levels in 2018. I’m
particularly concerned about the disproportionate impact that this has had in London;
where there’s been a rise of 455% in thefts.

I am asking that the Government take sustained action against these thefts and ensure
that the police and local authorities have the adequate tools, powers and funding to
tackle these crimes.

With this in mind I would appreciate if you could address the following questions.

1.) What discussions have the Home Office had with Car Manufacturers about
this issue?

2) What is the Home Office doing to encourage and promote the marking of
catalytic converters?

3) What steps and discussions have Home Office Ministers had with Police
Officials, including those in the Met Police to tackle this issue?

4.) What plans do the Government have to review the 2013 Scrap Metal
Dealers Act to discourage the selling of catalytic converters and the key metals
within them?

As I’m sure you can appreciate the theft of these converters has caused great distress
for my constituents; many of whom have faced large bills to have their vehicles fixed.
I look forward to hearing from you about this issue and hope to work constructively in
order to tackle this extremely important issue.

Yours sincerely

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Letter regarding the theft of catalytic converters.