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Letter to Liz Truss about Conversion Therapy Ban

Ruth Cadbury MP
House of Commons

Dear Rt Hon Liz Truss,

I’m writing to you regarding the Governments decision to exclude transgender individuals from the proposed Conversion therapy ban. I believe that there should be a total ban on conversion therapy, and that there not be any loopholes from this ban.

It has been nearly four years since the Government promised to outlaw conversion therapy. It is unacceptable that not only are we still having to wait for this legislation, but it now appears that it will have a deliberate loophole that will exclude transgender people.

So called ‘Conversion therapy’ is an abhorrent practice, which is opposed by all major therapy professional bodies, the NHS and by the Church of England Synod.

The Governments National LGBT Survey in 2018 found that 2% of respondents had been forced to undergo conversion therapy, with 5% being offered it. I cannot begin to imagine the horrific and life-changing impact that it must have had on so many people across the country, especially young people.

Back in 2016 I served on the Women and Equalities Committee when we carried out our inquiry into transgender rights in the U.K. We found that while progress had been made, many trans people in the UK still faced huge levels of discrimination- whether that it was in accessing healthcare, or in the workplace, as well as violence and abuse.

I’m concerned that the Governments decision not to outlaw conversion therapy for trans people will send a chilling message about how the Government views the rights of transgender people, and indeed all LGBT people across our country.

I very much hope that the Government reverse their decision and introduce a full ban on conversion therapy in the upcoming Queens Speech- as was previously promised.

Yours sincerely

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Letter to Liz Truss about Conversion Therapy Ban