Letter to The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

Ruth Cadbury MP
House of Commons

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing in regards to the continued pressures and difficulties facing pubs,
restaurants and other hospitality businesses both in my constituency, in London and
across the whole of the country.

In my constituency we have the world-famous Chiswick Brewery along with a
number of other much-loved pubs, restaurants and cafes. They not only provide a
great venue for food and drink but also play a huge role in the fabric of our local
community. The hospitality sector is also a proportionately large employer in my

While the coronavirus has made it much harder to demonstrate this in person, I know
that one of the reasons why our pubs and similar venues are so enjoyed is because
they provide an open and accessible venue and space. Whether it’s through hosting
pub quizzes, live music or just through providing space for friends and neighbours to
catch up I know they play such a key role for communities across Hounslow and West

On a practical level as you know the pub sector supports nearly 900,000 jobs,
provides £23bn in value to the economy and pays almost £13bn in tax each and every
year. Local breweries and pubs have warned me that that much of this contribution
could be lost permanently.

I’m extremely concerned that the current support measures announced by the
Government do not provide enough support for our pubs and wider hospitality trade
and could force them into having to shut their doors. In the short term this would be
extremely damaging for our local economy, especially for the many young people
who rely on pub and restaurant work. Additionally, the loss of tax revenue could
prove extremely damaging for the Treasury and for local authorities.

I am extremely concerned that this will add yet another hammer blow to our economy
in West London which is already suffering due the decline of the aviation industry
and its supply chain- which supports over 20,000 jobs in Hounslow. As a MP for
West London I appreciate that you too know the pain and impact that this is having on
our local area.

As you know, many pubs and restaurants have gone to great steps to make themselves
covid safe and secure through installing perspex screens, hand sanitisers and other
public health measures. Indeed, I know that like other businesses they have faced last
minute changes to government regulations and have gone through great difficulty in order
to adapt. They now feel let down by the Governments lack of support.

I would like to urge you and the Government to take pro-active and clear action to
support our pubs and wider hospitality sector. The piecemeal and slow natured
response of the Government so far has been extremely damaging for so many pubs
and other venues across the country including here in Hounslow.

Yours sincerely

Ruth's signature
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Letter regarding the continued pressures and difficulties facing pubs, restaurants and other hospitality businesses