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Ruth blasts Government for pushing through new law to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

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Ruth Cadbury MP has blasted the Government as ‘cruel & reckless’ after the Government pushed through their third piece of legislation to enable the Government to forcefully deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Ruth joined opposition MPs in voting against the new legislation, and voted to ‘amend’ the legislation - but was defeated, as Government MPs pushed through with the bill, and passed.

This included Government MPs voting down a clause that would have exempted Afghan soldiers who had served with the British armed forces from being sent to Rwanda, and another that defines Rwanda as “safe” merely on the basis that it says so.

Commenting in full on this legislation Ruth said,

‘‘The Governments plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is cruel and reckless. The Government have completely ran out of ideas, and is resorting to this gimmick of a scheme. This scheme will cost taxpayers £570 million and the Government know that the scheme will not work as a deterrent to stop dangerous crossings across the channel. We have already seen them pass two other new laws to try and push through with this failed approach.

After 14 years in power the Government have broken our asylum system, with many people locally waiting years to even get a hearing on their claim- meanwhile they’re unable to work, and are living in poor quality cramped housing and are relying on charities to survive. Having met with these families locally I know how difficult and challenging the recent years have been for them. It is particularly shocking the Government refused to exempt Afghan soldiers who worked with British & NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Hounslow has a proud history of welcoming those fleeing war and persecution; whether they arrived from Syria, Afghanistan or Ukraine. This new law flies in the face of our historic tradition of supporting those seeking refuge, and I know from the large number of messages I’ve received that people locally oppose the Government pushing this bill through.’’

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