Ruth brands Governments new migration bill as ‘inhumane and cruel’

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Ruth On Parliament 2023

Ruth Cadbury MP has slammed the Governments ‘inhumane and cruel’ legislation aimed at limiting the rights of those seeking asylum in the UK. Speaking after voting against the bill on Monday 13th March Ruth warned that the Governments new legislation will fail to disrupt and target the operations of gangs engaging in people smuggling.

Ruth then called on the Government to back the plan put forward by the Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper MP to fix the asylum system by reducing the backlog in asylum applications, reaching agreements with France around returns and family reunion and tackling humanitarian crises at source around the world.

Speaking in full about this bill Ruth said,

‘‘The Governments latest legislation is yet another inhumane and cruel attack on some of the most vulnerable people here in the UK. It is particularly appalling that this new law could see unaccompanied children seeking asylum being deported from the UK.

‘‘Those seeking asylum here in the UK have fled war and persecution, and the UK should live up its historic traditions of welcoming those who are fleeing conflict. I know from the large number of emails I’ve received that people locally are opposed to the Governments inhumane approach. Hounslow has a proud tradition of welcoming and supporting refugees, who have come from places as varied as the Balkans, Ukraine, East Africa, Syria and Afghanistan.

‘‘The Government have lost control of our immigration system, and rather than tackling the huge backlog in asylum applications the Government are once again introducing new laws that will not work. The Government need to instead focus on targeting the people trafficking gangs who are making millions. Meanwhile the Home Office need to urgently work to reduce the huge backlog in asylum applications which is leaving thousands of people in limbo as they wait for a decision.’’