Ruth Cadbury meets Richard Ratcliffe on hunger strike

On Monday Ruth Cadbury MP meet with Richard Ratcliffe, who was on hunger strike outside the Iranian Embassy, in protest over the continued imprisonment of his wife Nazanin, who is being held in Iran. Richard and Nazanin's young daughter Gabriella is also in Iran.

Speaking after the visit Ruth said,

''It's absolutely heart breaking to see how Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been treated by the Iranian regime, and when I meet with Richard, and his mother Barbara outside the embassy, I told them that I hope the next that I see them it will be with a freed Nazanin, and daughter Gabriella.

It was so inspiring though to see Richard's strength and strong will throughout his hunger strike, which is in solidarity with Nazanain, who is also on hunger strike in Iran.

I know that so many people in the UK care deeply about Nazanin, as I've had dozens and dozens of constituents contact me, asking me to give Richard, and Nazanin my support. I will be writing to the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to raise my concerns, and to press the Government to use its diplomatic clout to push for Nazanin to get released.

I believe that the Iranian regime should immediately release Nazanain, and allow her, and her daughter Gabriella to return to the UK.''