Ruth Cadbury MP: ‘‘Latest fall in employment shows the jobs crisis facing Hounslow’’

Ruth Cadbury MP

After figures released by the Office of National Statistics showed the number of people in work decreased by 220,000 Ruth Cadbury MP has called on the Government to ‘abandon their rigid one-size fits all approach’ and ensure ‘Hounslow and West London gets the support it desperately needs’.

Speaking in full after the jobs figures were announced Ruth said:

‘‘The latest fall in employment numbers shows the jobs crisis facing Hounslow. I know from listening to local residents that people across a wide range of sectors from the TV & creative sector, to aviation and tourism have been laid off or face uncertainty over the future of their job.

I also know that young people have been hit extremely hard by this, while facing great difficulty in finding work after they leave full time education.

Back in June I told the Government that Hounslow and other communities in West London need targeted support due to the huge jobs’ crisis- but since then Government Ministers have simply sat on their hands and done nothing.

On top of that I also know that the existing support programs simply aren’t working; many have been excluded from the furlough and self-employed support scheme and lots of local residents have told me that they can’t access universal credit.

The Government need to show much greater flexibility and abandon their rigid one size fits all approach to the economy. It’s vital that Hounslow and West London gets the support it desperately needs’’



Notes to Editors.

  1. The latest figures released on the 11th August from the Office of National Statistics show a drop in employment between May and July can be found here.