Ruth Cadbury MP asks for views on chancellors academisation policy

‘Hidden in George Osborne’s budget was an announcement which had little to do with the economy or public spending, and a lot to do with a fundamental shift in the way state schools are run in England. This was the announcement that all state schools in England will be required to become an academy as part of the multi academy trusts.

Despite there being no evidence that non-academy schools perform worse than academies, the government is enforcing academisation on every school in England and removing parent governors. This is a decision made with no regard to the hard work that parent governors do and with a purely ideological motive which seeks to remove local authority control in the public sector.

At a time when schools are facing a number of significant challenges; including reduced budgets, a shortage of teachers and not enough school places, the government has announced a costly and unnecessary reorganisation of the school system.

I understand that many parents will be concerned about what this announcement will mean for their children and the future of the education system and that is why I want to hear from you.

Do you agree with the Chancellors announcement on the academisation of schools? Are you concerned about the announcement to scrap parent governors? Do you have alternative ideas on the future of the education system that you want me to raise in parliament?

Get in touch by emailing me at or by post at Ruth Cadbury MP, House of Commons, Houses of Parliament, London, SW1A 0AA.’