Ruth Cadbury MP calls on the government to adopt proposals to create over 5,000 apprenticeships in London.

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 5,000 apprenticeships
Ruth Cadbury MP has called for urgent action from the Government to increase the number of apprenticeships in London. This call for action comes as National Apprenticeship week begins- which celebrates the enormous contribution made by apprentices and their employers. New figures have shown that the number of training opportunities and apprenticeships for young people in the constituency of Brentford and Isleworth has fallen by 17%- with 110 fewer apprentices starting compared to figures from 2011. To reverse this downward trend Ruth has called for the Government to introduce a wage subsidy which could have created over 5000 new apprenticeships in London alone. This subsidy would be funded from underspent funding in the apprenticeships levy. This is charge large employers have to pay to government. Backed by the Association of Employers and Learning Providers (AELP), this plan could have created 100,000 new apprenticeships for 16-24-year olds across England this year. Speaking in full Ruth said, ‘‘National Apprenticeship week is a great chance to recognize the huge difference that apprenticeships make to our economy and wider society. They give people vital skills and a taste of work. I know that local companies such as Fuller, Smith & Turner offer great apprenticeships for people locally, which helps give them a much needed foot on the ladder. However, the Government is failing to create and expand the number the opportunities for young people- this is especially crucial after the impact that covid-19 has had on their education. I also know from speaking to businesses locally that the current apprenticeship scheme is not always appropriate for their workforce. That’s why I’m calling on the Government to adopt a wage subsidy policy to ensure that apprenticeships are available for people locally, and to ensure that businesses have well qualified and skilled employees.’’
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