Ruth Cadbury MP calls for Prime Minister to resign after damning report on rule-breaking at Number 10

Submitted by admin on Mon, 31/01/2022 - 23:11

Ruth Cadbury MP has called for the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign after an update on the Sue Gray report found ‘failures of leadership and judgement’ with 16 reported parties in Downing Street over the last 18 months.

Speaking in full after the report was published Ruth said,

‘‘The update from Sue Gray confirmed what we already knew- the Prime Minister and his staff in Downing Street broke the lockdown rules that they had imposed on the public. Whilst I am glad that the Met are now going to conduct a full Police investigation, Sue Gray’s “update” has more than enough information to suggest an honourable person should resign, or that those around the PM should force him to do so.  

It’s clear that he does not have the personal integrity to lead our country through the difficulties we face.

Throughout the pandemic people locally did the right thing and followed the law. They were unable to be with terminally ill family members, were forced to watch funerals on Zoom, and so many went through great emotional hardship. I’ve had a countless number of emails from constituents who are outraged and disgusted at the Prime Minister and his flagrant breach of the rules.

With the cost of living rising and an international crisis in Ukraine we are stuck with a Prime Minister who is unfit for office, and is solely focused on saving his own job. He needs to do the right thing for once and resign.’’

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