Ruth Cadbury MP calls for urgent action to tackle rise in energy bills

Ruth Cadbury MP has today called for urgent action by the Government to tackle the spike in energy bills and has backed the plan put forward by the Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves MP to reduce energy prices for residents locally and across the country.

This would be done through the introduction of a range of measures such as the removing VAT on energy for 12 months and an expansion to the warm homes program to tackle this increase in energy bills.

Speaking in full Ruth said,

“Rising energy bills are having a huge impact on so many people locally. After a decade of failure, the Government need to fix the price crisis that’s hitting so many.

I’m calling on the Government to urgently cut VAT on energy bills for 12 months and expand the warm homes discount to ensure that pensioners and those on low pay can access extra support.

This could be funded by a windfall tax on the oil and gas sector who’ve seen huge profits over the last decade. It is entirely right that the energy producers which are benefitting from this crisis are asked to pay their fair share. We also need to reform our broken energy system and improve regulations after many energy companies collapsed last year.

The Government must take action to make sure homes are well insulted. The UK has some of the poorest home insultation in Europe with homes leaking heat at a high rate. Improving insulation would not only reduce bills but would also create well-paid green jobs for our economy.

I will continue to campaign to ensure residents locally are given the support they need in the face of this energy price crisis.’’