Ruth Cadbury MP criticises Government over cuts to funding for local councils.

Speaking in a debate in Parliament on Monday (25th January) Ruth Cadbury MP criticised the Government over its continued cuts to local government funding.

During her speech Ruth highlighted that Hounslow Council has seen an 80% reduction in their Government grant funding since 2010, on top of the added costs of support relating to the Coronavirus. Ruth also said these cuts are forcing Councillors to have to make ‘incredibly hard decisions’

In a full statement after the debate Ruth said,

‘‘Local councils like Hounslow have faced year after year of cuts to their central government grant, while demands such as social care have grown.

On top of that Hounslow has had a funding hole as a result of the coronavirus- made up of £20m of added support costs, and millions in lost income.

At the start of the pandemic the Government told Councils they could spend “whatever it takes” to support their communities through the crisis, but Hounslow has only received some funding and a significant gap remains.

The Government’s bungled response to the pandemic has meant that local councils have had to step in to fill the gaps too. Hounslow Council funded a free school meal program over the half term, a community hub to support vulnerable and shielding residents, and is providing 700 laptops to ensure local students could learn from home, and direct funding to residents who fall through the gaps of the national support schemes.

I will keep urging the Government to give our local councils the funding they need.’’