Ruth Cadbury MP hits out at Government over 'reckless' new immigration bill

Ruth speaking in Parliament

Ruth Cadbury MP has hit out at the Government for its 'reckless' decision to push ahead with a new immigration bill during the coronavirus outbreak. This new bill not only ends freedom of movement for EU citizens wishing to enter the UK but also gives Government Ministers the powers to push ahead with a new 'points-based' immigration system after 2020.

According to a briefing paper published by the Government in February this new system will see a salary requirement of £25,600 or above for new migrants, including those from the EU to be able to enter the UK.

Speaking about these proposals Ruth Cadbury said,

''It's beyond reckless for the Government to push ahead with these deeply damaging changes whilst our whole country deals with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Whether it's our amazing care staff looking after those in homes, our bus and delivery drivers who keep our country moving or those working in our schools; I know that both EU and non-EU migrants make a huge contribution both locally and across the UK. That's why I'm worried about the impact that this bill will have- especially on families locally.

It's particularly concerning for the Government to push ahead with a salary threshold, which would see over 66% of those currently in the health and social work sector being unable to enter the country. It's not right that Government Ministers clap for our carers on a Thursday and then push ahead with plans for an immigration system that would make it harder to support our care sector.

We need an immigration system that works for communities across our country, that works for our economy and works for our NHS and social care sector. It's clear that the Government's current plan fails these tests.''