Ruth Cadbury MP to host public meeting on Crime

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On Thursday 18th July Ruth Cadbury MP is hosting a public meeting on crime at Niskham School , the meeting is a follow up to the previous crime meeting that took place in April at West Thames College. Joining Ruth will be representatives from Hounslow Council, the police and the Peace Project.

Speaking about the meeting, Ruth said

''I'd be delighted if you can join me at my public meeting on crime in our community. I know from talking to parents, young people and residents across the constituency that people are very concerned about crime, especially violent crime, targeted towards young people. This meeting will give an update about the cross community work we've been doing since April to tackle violent crime, and it will offer a chance for people to raise their own concerns and solutions about how we can tackle crime.''

Tickets can be ordered from Eventbrite on the following link,…

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