Ruth Cadbury MP tries to stop Chiswick Sainsbury’s café closure

Chiswick residents are upset at the closure of a cafe next to the Sainsbury's on Essex Place. It will be turned into an Argos pickup point.

Ruth has written to Sainsbury’s CEO to protest the closure and to seek an alternative arrangement is made which would protect the café.

Local MP Ruth Cadbury said: “I know the cafe at Chiswick Sainsbury’s well and am saddened that the management have decided to close it. It provides a welcoming and affordable place for local shoppers, and has many regulars who will miss its presence badly. I am writing to Sainsbury’s management to ask them to reconsider their decision.”

“They are particularly concerned because there are few places in Chiswick which catered for many pensioners where they could have a hot breakfast or lunch. The cafe has become a real community hub and will be sorely missed.”

The cafe is said to be closing on the 7th October. Ruth will update if she receives any response from Sainsbury’s.