Ruth Cadbury MP visits local food bank following Government decision to cut Universal Credit

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Ruth Cadbury MP has visited local food distribution centres and foodbanks in recent weeks following the decision by the government to cut Universal Credit by £1,000 a year. Ruth visited two of the local food banks who are providing support to residents across Hounslow.

At Hounslow Community Foodbox she visited their Brentford base from where they have been supporting nearly 13,000 people during the pandemic with food parcels and other essential items. Referrals to the Foodbox have increased by 400% during the coronavirus pandemic alone.

Ruth also visited Holy Trinity Church in Hounslow, where they have an informal food distribution three times a week.

Ruth made these visit after the government implemented an £1,000 cut to Universal Credit in October which will impact over 30,000 households in the borough of Hounslow alone.

Speaking after the visits, Ruth Cadbury MP:

“I was pleased to meet with and listen to volunteers at both Hounslow Foodbox and Holy Trinity Hounslow who work so tirelessly to support our local community. I’m so proud that over the last 18 months so many people and local businesses have pulled together to offer support or donations.

It is a national scandal that food poverty continues to impact so many families across the country. In the last 5 years alone referrals to national food banks such as the Trussell Trust have increased by over 100%

Rather than tackling food poverty the Government have only made this crisis worse by cutting £1,000 from Universal Credit, which thousands of people locally, many of whom are in work, claim in order to buy food for their families, or pay the bills. Along with soaring energy prices and a national insurance tax hike the Government is making life worse for so many families across the country.’’

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