Ruth Cadbury MP welcomes action on rent for UWL students at Paragon

Submitted by admin on Thu, 16/04/2020 - 00:00

Ruth Cadbury MP has welcomed the decision by the University of West London to take over the leases and third-term rent for students at the Paragon student flats in Brentford. With many students having returned home and others unable to return due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus many students were facing uncertainty and anxiety over the rent that was due yesterday. The University of West London have announced that they will take over the leases, from charity Housing Association Notting Hill/Genesis who own and manage the building from those unable to return.

Speaking after this decision Ruth said,

'I know how worried students at Paragon have been about the demands for rent due yesterday. So, when students contacted me, I urgently wrote to the CEO of Notting Hill Genesis to ask for urgent protections for students at Paragon. With many having returned home, and having lost their jobs that help them pay their rent, it is simply unfair to make students pay when they are not able to stay here, and which they cannot now afford.
I'm sorry that NHG/Genesis weren't able to support the students in the way that other student accommodation providers have done at this time. However, I'm very pleased that the University of West London have stepped in and offered to cover the leases for UWL students’ livings at Paragon. This is the right step and I know this will provide relief for UWL students.

However, I'm concerned that the same issues may remain for those who study at other colleges or universities and live in the Paragon student flats.

I will keep standing up for students here and all local residents during this difficult time.''

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