Ruth Cadbury slams proposed parliamentary constituency boundaries as undemocratic and harmful to her ability to help constituents effectively

The Government this morning released the Constituency Boundary review which will reduce the amount of MPs by 50 and change local constituencies. Ruth's current constituency will no longer include the three Hounslow wards (Heath, Central and South) and two wards from Ealing borough will be added (Southfield and Northfields)

Ruth Cadbury said: "These proposals are undemocratic boundary-fixing by a Tory government determined to secure a permanent majority in the House of Commons. They want to cut the number of MPs but are happy to stuff the House of Lords with yet more of their unelected friends. Now with the workload of MPs set to rise with Brexit it would be utterly ludicrous to go ahead with these boundary changes."

"Furthermore my constituency will be spread across two boroughs which will slow down the process of helping my constituents, with double the number of key Council departments and other organisations meaning more communication lines, referral systems and various new authorities to navigate."