Ruth Cadbury speaks up for the Gurkha community in Hounslow in fight for equal pensions

On Monday, Ruth Cadbury MP spoke up for the Gurkha community in Hounslow and across the UK after a recent protest in regards to their pension rights.

In her speech Ruth mentioned the work of Hounslow’s large Gurkha community, including the work of Hounslow Mayor Councillor Bishnu Gurung, who served as a staff sergeant with the Gurkhas. Ruth also mentioned the Gurkha’s campaign around pension equality, and the impact that the Governments universal credit cut would have on many Gurkha families.

The debate was raised in Parliament after a petition reached over 100,000 signatures, demanding that Gurkhas receive the same pensions as other British veterans of the same rank and service. In August, a group of Gurkha veterans went on a thirteen-day hunger strike outside the Ministry of Defence, only ending their strike after officials agreed to meet with the group and the Nepali ambassador.

Speaking after the debate, Ruth Cadbury MP said:

“In Hounslow we’re lucky to have a large Gurkha community, who have served both in our armed forces and also play a huge role in our local civic community

That’s why I made sure to attend this debate and urge the Government to listen to the serious concerns that many Gurkhas have raised about their pensions. I also mentioned the impact that the Governments £1,000 a week cut to Universal Credit has had, along with the rip-off immigration fees that many Gurkhas and other commonwealth veterans still face.

“It’s time the Government to show their commitment to Gurkhas across the UK who’ve given so much for our country.’’