Ruth calls for action on building safety crisis

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Speaking in Parliament on Monday 27th March Ruth Cadbury MP has called on the Government to take urgent to hold building developers accountable over the ongoing failure to fix building safety and fire safety faults in flats locally.

In her question Ruth warned the Government that many people locally were living with huge amounts of pressure and uncertainty because of the delays in fixing these ongoing faults, and were stuck in limbo while facing the prospect of huge bills to repair faults that the residents did not cause.

Speaking in full after her question Ruth said,

‘‘The building safety crisis has impacted hundreds of residents across Hounslow, and has left so many people living in limbo. They’re unable to sell their homes and they don’t know when work will begin to fix building safety faults. I know from listening to those impacted locally that it’s having a huge impact on them. It’s been over 5 years since the awful fire at Grenfell, yet people are still living in unsafe buildings.

That’s why I urged the Government to do everything possible to put pressure on developers who are refusing to do the right thing and fix these faults urgently and without passing on the costs to leaseholders.

I will continue to campaign locally to ensure that the Government does more to tackle the building safety crisis and to ensure that those impacted in Hounslow have a strong voice in Parliament.’’

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