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Ruth calls for consistency in car scrappage scheme

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Speaking in Transport Questions in Parliament on Thursday 20th April Ruth Cadbury MP called on the Government to provide financial support to Londoners looking to trade in or ‘scrap’ their vehicles ahead of the expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in August 2023. While London Mayor Sadiq Khan has already provided £110 million in funding for the scrappage scheme the Government have not provided extra support for Londoners.

In her question Ruth pointed out that the Government had provided financial support for other cities such as Birmingham but had refused to provide funding for Londoners looking to scrap their vehicles, and buy low-emission vehicles.

Speaking in full afterwards Ruth said,

‘‘I know from listening to people locally that they want to be able to trade in and use low emission ULEZ compliant vehicles- whether they’re businesses or people with a family car.  The cost-of-living crisis however means that the Government need to be doing more to support Londoners looking to do this. The existing scrappage scheme introduced by London Mayor Sadiq Khan has already helped many Londoners, but it’s clear that the Government could be doing more.

‘‘It is not fair that the Government are refusing to fund a scrappage scheme for Londoners when they’ve funded scrappage schemes in other cities across the country.

‘‘This is yet another sign of the lack of investment and support that Londoners are getting from this Government. ’’

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