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Ruth calls for Government action after shop keepers locally targeted by thefts

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Ruth on Violence against Shop Workers

Ruth Cadbury MP has called for the Home Office and the Government to take further action to protect small family owned shops and retail staff from assaults and thefts. Speaking in the House of Commons on the 15th April Ruth mentioned a case locally of a shop owner who had hundreds of pounds of stock stolen, who Ruth had recently met with in Hounslow.

In her question Ruth mentioned that many small businesses and family owned shops lacked the resources of large shop chains to pay for security staff, and called on the Government to abolish the £200 threshold, where offences are treated at a lower category if stock of less than that value is stolen at any one time.

Commenting in full after her question Ruth said,

‘‘Family owned shops are the lifeblood of our high streets. However I know from meeting with local shop keepers that many are being targeted by criminals who are stealing large amounts of stock, and even abusing or attacking staff.

That’s why I am glad the Government have finally backed the introduction of the specific standalone offence of assault against shop-workers. I have now called on the Government to scrap the £200 threshold- which means that if less than £200 of stock is stolen the offence is not taken as seriously.

People locally, including small family owned businesses, have every right to feel safe. That’s why I will continue to campaign to ensure we have more police officers on our streets and to ensure the Government take this sort of crime seriously.’’

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