Ruth calls on Government to declare climate emergency

Ruth speaking in Parliament

This Wednesday as the House of Commons debates on declaring a Climate Change emergency, which has been put forward by Jeremy Corbyn, Ruth Cadbury has called on the Government to declare climate emergency.

Speaking before the debate, Ruth said ''I've had dozens of constituents contact me about this debate, and I share there urgency about need to act. It's time for the Government to declare a climate emergency, and to use the full powers of the Government and the Treasury to tackle climate change.

Both the International Panel on Climate Change, and the Paris Agreement, which the UK signed, have said we need to make sure that global temperatures do not rise above 1.5 degrees. To stop this rise we need to see a whole range of actions. We need to invest in green energy sources like tidal, and solar power, we need stop the third runway at Heathrow- which will make Heathrow the biggest Co2 emitter in the UK, and we need to make sure the UK stops funding, and supporting dirty fuel sources abroad.

I will be voting to declare a climate change emergency because it's time for Government to act.''