Ruth calls out Government’s failure on climate crisis

Submitted by admin on Thu, 13/07/2023 - 05:44

Ruth Cadbury MP has called out the Government after a recent report by the Climate Change Committee found that the UK Government was falling behind in tackling the climate crisis. The report said that the committee was ‘markedly’ less confident that the UK would reach its targets for cutting carbon emissions, and warned that the UK was falling behind in installing new energy efficient heat pumps.

In her question to the Energy Secretary Grant Shapps Ruth highlighted that the report had found 33 examples of consultations and policies that were overdue from his department. In her question Ruth warned he ‘cannot blame anyone else’ and called on him to ‘own up… to the appalling failure’.

Commenting in full afterwards Ruth said,

‘‘After 13 years in power the Government are still failing to tackle the climate crisis. We are already seeing rising sea levels, soaring temperatures and the destruction of habitats across the world- yet the Government are either sitting on their hands, or making matters much worse.

They’ve refused to invest in green and clean energy such as onshore wind, and are failing to help people who are trying to do the right thing by buying electric vehicles, or installing heat pumps.

The UK could be a world leader in the fight against the climate crisis which in turn would help lower energy bills and create well-paid secure jobs.

I know from visiting schools, speaking to community groups and chatting to residents across Hounslow that people want to see action on the climate crisis. That’s why I’ll continue to campaign for the Government to finally act on the crisis in front of us.’’

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