Ruth calls for urgent action to support local residents stranded abroad

Image of Ruth by Big Ben

Ruth Cadbury MP has called on the Government to take 'urgent action' to help her constituents who have been stranded abroad and are unable to get flights back home to the U.K. In a series of letters to the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab Ruth called on the Government to use the full weight of its resources, including the Royal Air Force if necessary, to ensure that U.K citizens are able to get home.

Speaking after writing to the Foreign Secretary Ruth said,

'I know how worried many of my constituents and their families are about being unable to get home to the U.K during this difficult time. Many of the people stranded in India and Pakistan are at high risk and have additional health issues which require medication- this is we need urgent action by the Government to get them home to the U.K. Others are desperate to get back to work, and to provide support during this crisis.

Other countries such as Germany have already bought home over 40,000 of their own citizens and our Government should be doing the same. I've been working hard over the last three weeks to both support my constituents stranded abroad and to work with other MPs to put pressure on the Government to arrange more flights.

I'm pleased that the Government have taken the first steps to get some flights out to India and Pakistan however much more needs to be done- especially for those who are in Punjab in India who are unable to travel out of the state due to the lockdown. I have urged the Government to organise direct flights to Amritsar to get U.K citizens home.

I will keep working to ensure that my constituents stranded abroad can get back to the U.K quickly and safely.''