Ruth calls for water companies and regulators to do more to clean up waterways and protect local residents

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Ruth on parliament

Speaking in the House of Commons earlier this month Ruth Cadbury MP has warned the Government that they cannot let the independent regulator for Water companies, Ofwat, be a ‘silent partner’ in the work of cleaning up rivers and waterways, and in protecting consumers locally from poor treatment.

In a debate on the role of Ofwat Ruth spoke about local residents experiences of water companies such as Thames Water, including the ongoing issues facing residents around Mogden Sewage Treatment works in Isleworth. Ruth also criticised Thames Water for dumping 2 billion litres on sewage into the Thames over just two days back and said that ‘‘3.5 billion litres of untreated sewage entered the Thames from Mogden—seven times as much as was dumped in 2016, just four years earlier.’’

Speaking in full after her speech Ruth said,

‘‘I know from listening to people locally that they are rightly outraged at the pumping of raw, untreated sewage into the Thames and other smaller rivers locally. These waterways are crucial in both providing a space for water activities like kayaking and rowing, but also for supporting animals and wildlife.

Water companies like Thames Water have paid out huge dividends for shareholders over the last decade but have not taken much needed action to improve our historic and decaying infrastructure. Residents in Isleworth saw the impact of this first-hand when the Duke of Northumberland River flooded last year with sewage after the collapse of a brick wall, and for years before have had to experience terrible smells locally.

It’s vital that the Government insist that water companies like Thames Water and regulators like Ofwat do more not only to clean up our waterways, but also to protect consumers. ’’

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