Ruth comments on PM's departure

After Theresa May's statement that she would be resigning as Prime Minister, and Conservative Party Leader, Ruth Cadbury MP said.

''It's been clear for months that whilst Theresa May has been in office, she's been out of power. Her own ministers have been plotting leadership bids, rather than focusing on their jobs, whilst Boris Johnson, and Jacob Rees Mogg have been working to push us out of the EU without a deal.

This morning Theresa May talked about the burning injustices she tackled as Prime Minister... but these injustices still burn just as brightly as they did in 2016. People are still sleeping rough in record numbers, teachers and parents are forced to pay for basic school supplies, and we still face a huge lack of affordable housing across this country. All we've had from this government for three years is warm words, and in other cases such as the Loan Charge, and Windrush, they've made people's lives much worse.

The last thing our country needs right now is a divisive Prime Minister who will plunge the UK out of the EU without a deal. There is no majority in Parliament for a reckless no-deal, and I will do everything possible to stop any future Prime Minister imposing such great harm on our country. The only way to break the deadlock in Parliament is to put the issue back to the people, in a binding public vote.''