Ruth condemns Governments Rwanda deportation plan as ‘cruel and unethical’.

Submitted by admin on Wed, 20/04/2022 - 14:11

Ruth Cadbury MP has condemned the announcement by the Government that some asylum seekers arriving in the UK be sent to Rwanda, and unable to seek asylum in the UK.

Speaking in full after the Government’s statement Ruth said,

‘‘The Government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is simply cruel and unethical. This plan will see people fleeing war and persecution sent to Rwanda, with no chance of returning. It was shocking that the Home Secretary Priti Patel refused to rule out the prospect that young women and children could also be sent to Rwanda.

Not only is this heartless but we know that it didn’t work when Israel tried this approach. The Government have already said it will cost £1.4 billion and the cost will only rise. This is a colossal waste of money at a time when many people locally are struggling to pay the bills. Rather than wasting money on this cruel policy the Government need to work on tackling the huge backlog in asylum cases, as many people are waiting months and years to get a decision.

Hounslow has a proud tradition of supporting refugees- whether it’s those arriving from Syria or Afghanistan. I know from listening to people locally that they want to see the Government doing more to support those fleeing war and persecution. I will continue to urge the Government to live up to the UK’s historic tradition of supporting refugees and will be opposing this policy in Parliament.’’

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