Ruth opposes Government’s new legislation to repeal EU laws.

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Speaking in Parliament last week Ruth Cadbury MP warned the Government that they are presiding over a ‘bonfire’ of hard-won rights such as the right to maternity leave and protections from discrimination.

Speaking during a debate on the Retained EU Law Bill Ruth warned that this new legislation would give Government Ministers powers to overrule and ‘wipe clean’ laws that govern everything from vehicle safety to the regulation on chemicals. Ruth then warned that this would ‘‘turn Government Ministers into monarchs’’ with huge powers to remove regulations without any scrutiny. After her speech Ruth voted in favour of amendment 36 to the bill which sought to give MPs, not Ministers, the powers to review EU laws- this amendment was defeated by the Government

Speaking in full afterwards Ruth said,

‘‘I’m strongly opposed to the Government’s power grab bill which gives Ministers huge powers to wipe out and remove our hard-won rights and protections. I know from the hundreds of emails I’ve received from constituents recently just how strongly people are opposed to this new legislation.

‘‘It’s clear that people locally do not trust this Government to protect our rights or the regulations that protect our environment, our safety, and our planet.

‘‘Despite voting against this bill, I was disappointed that the Government pushed this bill through and gave Ministers such sweeping and huge powers.’’