Ruth raises concerns over abolition of Dept. for International Development

Ruth in Westminster

Speaking during Foreign and Commonwealth Questions in Parliament on Tuesday 30th June Ruth Cadbury MP has raised her serious concerns over the Government’s decision to abolish the Department for International Development and to merge its staff and functions with the Foreign Office.

In her question Ruth raised the scandal that led to the labour government splitting International Development off from the Foreign office because the then Conservative Government was found to have unlawfully provided aid for the Pergau Dam in Malaysia in exchange for an arms deal.

Ruth expressed her concern that the Government could be opening up the possibility of similar scandals if the two departments were re-merged.

Speaking afterwards Ruth said,

‘‘It is simply wrong for the Government to abolish the Department for International Development. Before a separate department was established in 1997 we saw foreign aid in the UK being used for narrow and crude political purposes- such as the Pergau Dam Scandal.

Since DFID was created the department has had a world class reputation for transparency and openness. I know that they’ve done great work across the world, whether that’s ensuring girls can go to school or expanding HIV/AIDs treatment. It is vital that the commitment to put 0.7% of our GDP into aid is upheld.

Three successive Prime Ministers, including David Cameron have criticised the Government’s decision to abolish the department and I’m extremely concerned that this decision will impact the most vulnerable people around the world.’’