Ruth reacts to new figures showing wages in London

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Ruth on parliament

New analysis has revealed the impact that a decade of low economic growth has had on wages in London. Figures released recently have shown that real wages in London have fallen by 6% since 2010- resulting in people being £2,7000 worse off.

These figures also showed that across the country as a whole, real wages are down by an average of 5%, leaving people £1,600 a year worse off than they were in 2010.

Reacting to these figures Ruth Cadbury MP said,

‘‘A decade of falling wages has had a huge impact on people across London. This fall in wages has come alongside the soaring increase in rents, a spike in interest rates which has hit homeowners and the ever rising costs of food, bills and energy.

‘‘The cost of living crisis is being felt by people across Hounslow and it is clear that the Government need to do more to protect and support people.

‘‘I’ve heard from so many people locally who are struggling. Nearly 40% of those claiming Universal credit locally are already in work, which shows that work simply isn’t paying for so many people, with too many trapped on low paid and insecure hours.

‘‘That’s why I’ll continue to campaign for the Government to take real action which grows our economy, supports small businesses and ensures the most vulnerable get the support they urgently need.

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