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Ruth responds to King’s Speech

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Ruth Cadbury MP has labelled the Governments Kings Speech as a ‘‘watered down effort from a tired Government’’, while criticising the lack of action on key issues ranging from the cost of living crisis, to the lack of affordable and safe housing.

Ruth also labelled the Prime Minister and the Government ‘out of touch’ after reports of new proposals to ban the use of tents for those sleeping rough. Ruth also criticised the ongoing failure to tackle the growing NHS waiting lists and the crisis in the health and care sector.

Commenting in full after the Kings Speech Ruth said,

‘‘After 13 years in power this Kings speech has shown that the Conservatives have ran out of ideas to fix the problems that they have created.

Over 7 million people are waiting for care on our NHS, including over 50,000 people locally. The cost of renting continues to soar and people are struggling to afford the basics.

Yet rather than tackling these huge issues we have a Government that is focused on kicking down at the most vulnerable people in society and even proposed banning tents for rough sleepers this week.

It was particularly disappointing that the Government have u-turned on their promise to properly reform the outdated laws around leasehold which impacts thousands of people across Hounslow. This is yet another sign of out of touch the Government are about the huge problems facing our country.

After a long and difficult year people deserve better than a watered down Kings speech from a tired government’’

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