Ruth speaks out against Park Road Allotments building plans

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On Tuesday 1st August Ruth Cadbury MP spoke to oppose plans by the Duke of Northumberland Estate to build flats on the 100 year-old allotments in Park Road, Isleworth.

It was the first day of the 5-day public inquiry being held by the Planning Inspectorate. These plans have long been opposed by a wide coalition including the Isleworth ward councillors Salman Shaheen, John Stroud-Turp and Sue Sampson, along with the Isleworth Society, allotment plot holders and a number of other community groups and residents.

This public inquiry comes after Hounslow Councils Planning Committee refused the application by the Duke of Northumberland Estate to build several blocks of flats on the allotments to fund repairs to Syon House.

Speaking in full afterwards Ruth said,

‘‘I strongly oppose the plans to build on the Park Road allotments and was pleased to be able to speak at the inquiry to make clear just how opposed residents and allotment holders are to these plans. Allotments play such an underrated role in our society by providing a space to grow cheap food, a space for people without large gardens to enjoy the outdoors as well as being a green lung for our local area. The pandemic showed the importance of keeping green spaces open and available for all and these plans would get rid of local allotments, for which there is a high degree of demand in the borough.

These plans are justified by the Duke of Northumberland Estate in order to repair the roof at Syon House, yet it is not clear why they can’t use other sources to fund these repairs. The community and our natural environment locally should not lose out because of this. Hounslow is already exceeding its targets to build much needed new housing, and there are many new sites with the potential to provide more housing of all types, including key worker housing, without needing to decimate this valuable community and nature resource.

I want to reassure people locally I will continue to campaign to protect our green spaces and community assets such as allotments.’’

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