Ruth supports Park Road Allotment Holders Campaign

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Ruth Cadbury MP recently met with allotment holders at the Park Road site in Isleworth to support their campaign to protect their oasis from being closed down by the Duke of Northumberland Estate.

During her visit with local councillor Salman Shaheen, Ruth heard from local plot holders about the human and wildlife benefits the allotments have brought for over 100 years. Ruth also heard about the huge uncertainty and distress plot holders have experienced because of the on-going threat of closure.

Over 1,000 local residents have opposed the plans to build housing on the site, and the campaign, which has hit the national news, has persuaded Hounslow Council to not only refuse the Duke’s planning application and to offer to take over the site from the Duke of Northumberland’s estate on a temporary basis pending.

Speaking after her visit Ruth said,

‘‘It is simply wrong that the Duke of Northumberland Estate is trying to close down these historic and much-loved allotments. They provide essential green space for residents, where they can grow their own food, meet other plot holders and enjoy the outdoors, as well as being a haven for wildlife. The plans by the Duke of Northumberland Estate to close the allotments show no regard for our local community nor for the protection of local biodiversity.

I was pleased that Hounslow’s planning committee has refused both attempts by the estate to bulldoze the allotments and build housing, especially as there are plenty of other brownfield sites locally with potential for new housing.

I will continue to work with allotment holders, local residents, councillors and community groups to oppose these deeply damaging proposals.’’

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