Ruth urges Government to review strategy to support local post offices

Ruth speaking in Parliament

Speaking this week about the closure of three local post office counters in her constituency in three years, Ruth Cadbury MP urged the Government and the Post Office to review their strategy to ensure there is adequate access to these vital community assets.

Post Offices and Post Office counters provide essential support to communities and local economies as they particularly serve the elderly and those unable to access the internet. They also provide important cash and parcels service to local businesses as well as being a catalyst for spending in the local area.

In Ruth's speech she urged Post Office Limited to do far more to stop these much needed services closing whilst also working to encourage businesses in areas with no post office to take on the opportunity to open one.  Ruth also called on the Post Office to modernise and use its dominant position in our public life to consider new opportunities to serve local communities.

Speaking after the debate Ruth said,

''Brentford has been without a post office for 18 months during which time the town has been without this crucial community asset.  Whilst I'm glad we will see a service returning soon, this time based in Costcutter, I do feel that if Post Office Ltd had provided better support much earlier, we probably could have had a new PO counter up and running prior to the old one closing.

I know from the large number of people who signed Brentford Voice's petition that people locally shared my concerns.

We need to see much greater planning from both the Post Office and the Government to ensure that every community has access to a post office. There are many reasons that many shop-owners are not prepared to host a Post Office counter, and these barriers need addressing and overcoming in the imminent Post Office strategy.  I'll keep campaigning on this issue and pushing both the Government and the Post Office to protect and support these community assets.''