Ruth votes to keep triple lock for state pensions

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Ruth on parliament

On Tuesday 8th November Ruth Cadbury MP voted to keep the triple lock on the state pension. This vote came after new analysis showed that abandoning the triple lock could leave 15,393 people in the constituency of Brentford and Isleworth worse off, with analysis from the House of Commons Library showing that older people in Brentford and Isleworth face an average cut of £406 in 2023/24 if the Government break their manifesto commitment to keep the triple lock.

Commenting on the figures Ruth Cadbury MP said,

‘‘So many older people locally are feeling the pinch . Rising food prices, sky high rents and ever-increasing mortgage costs are having a huge impact on so many people locally.

‘‘The Governments disastrous mini budget crashed our economy and has caused so much anxiety, especially for older people, who are on fixed incomes. Now the Government are refusing to commit to keeping the triple lock for the state pension. It is simply not fair for older people to have to pay to cover the Governments disastrous economic mismanagement.

‘‘Whether it’s older people, those renting or those trying to save up for a deposit for their first home it’s clear that so many people locally are being let down by the Government.

‘‘That’s why I will continue to campaign to block attempts to scrap the triple lock on pensions for next year’’

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