Ruth votes for windfall tax on the profits of oil & gas producers

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On Tuesday (17th May) Ruth Cadbury MP voted for a windfall tax to be imposed on the profits oil and gas producers, most of which who have made a record profit during the energy crisis. Ruth supported the windfall tax as it would fund the Opposition’s energy plan. If enacted this plan would remove VAT on energy bills, provide extra home insulation for millions of homes and expand the winter homes discount which provides financial support to those struggling with their bills. However this plan was defeated by the Government MPs, who voted it down by 310 votes to 248.

Speaking after the vote Ruth said,

‘Families locally are facing a cost of living crisis, with the prices of food, fuel and energy continuing to soar. People locally are struggling, and they need to see urgent support from the Government.

However rather than supporting our plan for a windfall tax on oil and gas producers, the Prime Minister has simply washed his hands of the matter and is refusing to act. Even after the rise in inflation we’re still seeing more dither & delay from the Prime Minister.

I will continue to campaign for the Government to take urgent action to cut energy bills and ensure people locally do not have to bear the burden for the slow economic growth, rising inflation and stagnant wages across the UK’’

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