Ruth’s reaction to the Queens Speech

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Ruth on parliament

Following the Queen's Speech, Ruth said: ‘‘With the rising cost of rents, food and fuel this Queens Speech was a chance for the Government to set out an ambitious plan to help people locally.

"However, there is nothing in this Queens speech to tackle the rising cost of living, especially with energy bills where people locally have seen their bills rise by over 100%. The Prime Minister should have used this Queens speech to announce a windfall tax on the oil and gas producers who’ve made record profits over the last year- but once again, he chose not to.

"Rather than focusing on the cost-of-living crisis the Government are simply trying to appease their own backbenchers by pushing through unpopular and damaging policies such as selling off Channel 4.

"It was also extremely disappointing to see the Government kick the can down the road and refuse to introduce a new bill to protect the rights of workers - despite previous promises. Over the past two years we’ve seen bad bosses exploit workers- whether through fire & rehire tactics, or through low pay. This was a chance for the Prime Minister to stand up against bad bosses and he failed.’’

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