Statement from Ruth Cadbury MP on closure of Barclays Bank in Brentford

Ruth Cadbury MP

After the announcement that Barclays will be closing their branch on Brentford High Street Ruth Cadbury MP has issued the following statement.

‘‘Like many Brentford residents I was extremely concerned and upset about the news that Barclays will be closing their branch on Brentford High Street.

This branch is a vital link both for residents locally, but also businesses who rely on the bank. I’ve already arranged a meeting with Barclays and I will be making clear to them the serious and damaging impact that this will have on local residents and businesses in Brentford.

I know that Hounslow Council and elected councillors are already working hard along with Brentford Voice, to ensure that Brentford continues to have an accessible high street bank.

Along with the loss of the post office on Brentford High Street I am extremely concerned that we are seeing essential public services being lost from our high street. This will force people to travel long distances to carry out basic services and will cause greatly difficulty for those unable to travel, or bank online or via the phone. I’m particularly concerned about the impact this will have on older customers, and those with disabilities.

I will also be raising this directly with the Government- it is clear that we need a pro-active approach to support our high streets and vital community assets such as these.’’