Westminster Attack

First of all, can I thank all who sent messages of goodwill to me and my staff yesterday. We really appreciated getting them. We are all fine, although I'm sure people will understand that it will take a day or two to get up to full service after the disruption.

Secondly as Londoners and as Parliamentarians, our thoughts are particularly with Keith Palmer's family, his colleagues who are at work today protecting us and all those injured and bereaved yesterday. In Parliament, are all so grateful to those who put their lives on the line for us, and also with all those who work to make Parliament tick.

The Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn and many MPs made made moving contributions in the Chamber this morning thanking the police, security services, NHS staff and the many others who responded. They also said that Parliament cannot be cowed by this terrible act of an individual. As the widow of my colleague murdered by a terrorist last year said, "The Westminster attacker is no more representative of Muslims than Jo Cox's killer is representative of Yorkshire." We must, and we will, work together in our communities, along with the police, learning listening and supporting each other to prevent further tragedies, as such work has already prevented them in recent months.