Hounslow Schools do a good job for our children. Hounslow is ranked 8th out of 152 council areas for children Getting 5 good GCSEs. In 'A' levels our kids also get grades above the national average.

Part of the improvement we have seen in recent years was as a result of extra funding put in by the previous Labour Government. Teachers cost money; more money buys more teachers; more permanent teachers means better education. It's not rocket science.

And that's why I am worried about the impact on our schools of cuts to education funding by the Government.

I have spoken on several occasions in the House of Commons about my concerns about retaining good teachers. Headteachers are now telling me that it is difficult to keep good teachers here. Schools in neighbouring boroughs, and some academy schools can pay more. There is a real shortage of experienced teachers in many key subjects.

I'm concerned about the impact that this is having on our children and our grandchildren. I've got two children who went to school in the borough - I know how much of a worry for parents this really is.

I'd be grateful if you complete the form below, and give me your views on education in our local schools and whether you see this as a problem. You can also use the form to tell me about any other concerns you may have about the way our schools are run or funded. I don't just want to hear from parents and grandparents either - this issue affects us all.

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