Ruth Cadbury MP attends climate change school visits ahead of attendance at COP26

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In the run up to her attendance at COP26, Ruth Cadbury MP has visited several schools in her constituency to hear from young people about their concerns on the Climate Crisis. Ruth has conducted these visits as part of the Climate Student-MP Surgery initiative which took place on 29th October.

So far, Ruth has been to five schools this month: Strand on the Green Junior School, St Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School Isleworth, Heathland School, Gunnersbury Catholic School and Brentford School for Girls, to listen to the voices of young people locally during the COP26 conference in Glasgow.

During the visits, Ruth has heard from a number of different student-led Eco groups and committees who are taking local action encourage their schools and fellow students to support net zero targets. Their actions include sustainability projects, recycling, energy, and transport initiatives, tree-planting and preserving natural environments.

Speaking after her latest visit to Brentford School for Girls, Ruth said:

“Young people’s voices need to be at the forefront of the action on Climate Change. I know from listening to people locally that they want to see bold and ambitious action to protect our planet.

“It’s great to see young people in Hounslow are so engaged in delivering change in their schools and communities.

“That’s why we need to see the Government doing more to limit global warming to 1.5C, and keep the targets reached at the previous Paris summit alive.

“Yet the Government are falling desperately behind and our refusing to show real leadership. In the last year alone, they’ve approved a new coal mine in Cumbria, a new oil field in Scotland and cut taxes on short haul domestic flights.

“This is the time for the Government and the Prime Minister to take real leadership and put our planet first.’’

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