Ruth slams Government over animal welfare u-turn

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Ruth on parliament

Ruth Cadbury MP has condemned the decision by the Government to scrap a previously promised change in the law which would have improved the laws governing animal welfare in the UK.

The previously announced Kept Animals Bill would have introduced a number of reforms including new restrictions to tackle puppy smuggling and ban the export of live animals from the UK. Despite the support of a wide range of animal welfare charities and the hard work of campaigners the Government announced last Thursday that they would no longer be supporting this legislation and the Kept Animals Bill would not be going through this Parliamentary session.

Speaking in full after this announcement Ruth Cadbury MP said,

‘‘It’s extremely disappointing that the Government have u-turned on introducing these much needed reforms around improving animal welfare. Our laws have long been too weak and this is why so many campaigners and animal rights charities have called on the Government to take action, and introduce new legislation to tackle the evil abuses carried out against animals.

Whether it’s tackling the awful growth in illegal puppy smuggling, banning the import of dogs with cropped ears or banning the export of live animals for slaughter this bill was an ambitious chance to improve animal welfare laws.

That’s why it is so disappointing that the Government have u-turned on a previous commitment to introduce the kept animals bill. This is simply the wrong decision and shows how out of touch the Government is about the strength of support for improving animal welfare conditions. I will continue to campaign in favour of stronger protections and regulations to protect animals, and hope the Government reverse this decision.’’