Urgent roll-out of testing for under 65s needed

Submitted by admin on Wed, 10/06/2020 - 11:28

In an urgent question in Parliament on Monday Ruth Cadbury MP called on the Health Secretary Matt Hancock to urgently roll out coronavirus testing for under 65 year olds in residential care homes and other similar settings.

In response to Ruth's question the Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed that the Government would begin rolling out testing for under-65s in care homes and other residential settings.

Speaking after her question Ruth said,

''After being contacted by a local residential home who were unable to access coronavirus testing for their residents, I made sure to raise this issue in the House of Commons urgently.

It's vital that everyone in a care home setting can access testing- especially those who have additional needs, disabilities or those who are at higher risk from covid-19. It's equally important that staff in these settings can access testing too.

I am pleased that the Health Secretary announced in response to my question that testing for under-65s in care settings would now be rolled out.

The key issue now is the speed at which this is done. We've seen before that people have had to wait too long to get tested and too long to get the results.''

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